Fjord 40 a stylish boat

For those who love a polished design, with distinction, without neglecting excellent performance, Barracuda Ibiza has in its extensive catalog the exceptional Fjord 40, which is undoubtedly the boat with the most style in all of Ibiza and its surroundings.

A design with lines that are sure to attract attention wherever you go. Straight lines and simple, everything on this boat has a seal of elegance that distinguishes it from any other in its class, and makes it the favorite of those who know this subject in depth.

Come and learn more about this minimalist and extravagant design boat, which mixes in a single concept of its kind an open boat and a sports cruiser, with everything you need for your crew to enjoy the sun, the wind, the sea, and, of course, your stay on board.

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One of the salient features of this cruiser, and probably the most remarkable by its admirers, is its clean, practical and spacious deck, with the sole exception of the central command post in which we also find access to the interior cabin.

At the bow, the Fjord 40 has a spacious solarium which can be accessed using the wide side corridors. At the stern there is a dining room with a triple sofa that can be converted into an open-air bed.

This excellent deck design is complemented by a kitchen unit located just behind the command post, in which we can get a small kitchen with its respective sink, cupboards, and a refrigerator to keep wine and other food cold.

Already speaking of the interior, the Fjord 40 surprises us with a very well laid out cabin under the bow deck, and equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay.

This cabin has a double bunk equipped with tables on both sides, cupboards and storage spaces. It also has a bathroom and a small living area in which we find an L sofa, which can be converted into a second double berth, for the comfort of the crew on board.

The propulsion of this boat is provided by two Volvo Penta IPS engines, which take the Fjord 40 up to 35 knots without any difficulty, while providing a smooth, safe travel experience, allowing easy maneuvering and safety at all times.

It’s all these features, along with others you’ll already know while on board, that make this boat one of the most acclaimed and winner of various awards, easily becoming one of the most sought-after models in Barracuda Ibiza, thanks to all the simplicity, breadth, freedom and excellent design that characterize it.

Having read all this, it is more than clear that the Fjord 40 is one of the best options for a day charter along the coasts of Ibiza, or for an adventure tour of the Balearic Islands touching from port to port thanks to its excellent performance and all the equipment on board.

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